mardi 13 juillet 2010

Jimmy Broxton on KNIGHT AND SQUIRE #1

Nous sommes très fiers de pouvoir féliciter Jimmy Broxton qui signe le dessin du prochain KNIGHT AND SQUIRE #1 (Grant Morrison), Yanick Paquette aux couvertures, sur un scénario de Paul Cornell :

"I'm very pleased to say that my second book for DC Comics is a very British one. Knight and Squire appeared most recently in Grant Morrison's Batman run, and they come from a deliberately over the top, tremendously fun DC Britain that had previously been only slightly explored. If Captain Britain was a more realistic take on British superheroics, Knight and Squire delights in Mary Poppins absurdity, in what I think is a quite 2000AD way. The artist on this six issue miniseries is the great Jimmy Broxton, who I've found shares my joy in all things Round the Horne and Carry On. Check out the story at DC's blog here. And here's Yanick Paquette's lovely cover to our first issue" (source


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